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Digital products that make my life easier

In this video, I'll be sharing my thoughts on Digital products that make my life easier . All opinions stated are mine. This is not a sponsored video.

Affiliate links:

Wixey Model WR503 Drill Press Depth Gauge:

Stabila LA-5P Laser Bob 5 Point Laser:

Stabila ProLiner Cross Line Laser Level Plus Plumb Points:

BOSCH 4-in-1 Digital Angle Finder GAM 220 MF:

BOSCH 5-in-1 Digital Angle Finder and Inclinometer GAM 270 MFL:

iGaging Digital Electronic Height Gauge with Magnetic Base, 6 Inch:

HBN Outdoor Indoor Wireless Remote Control 3-Prong Outlet Weatherproof Heavy Duty 15 A Compact 1 Remote 3 Outlets with Remote 6-inch Cord 100ft Range ETL Listed (Battery Included):

Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools SG-WP Saw Gauge and Alignment Tool:

iGaging Digital Electronic Indicator 0-1"/0.0005" GAGE Gauge w/ 4 Probes - Absolute Function Inch/Metric Conversion:

iGaging Angle Gage Backlit Digital Electronic Magnetic Level/Protractor/Bevel Gauge Angle Cube Gen 3:


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